Mar 22

newTRENDs First Stakeholder Workshop

The following summary describes the results of the 1st stakeholder meeting conducted on 22nd October 2021. The engagement of different groups of stakeholders within the project is as important as the modeling aspect.
Stakeholder dialogue within the newTRENDs project was planned to be maintained mainly through workshops and webinars and the first of the series was organized on the new societal trends, which shape future energy demand.
We present here a summary of the discussions during the workshop in a form of PDF presentations. The main theme was how policies and other framework conditions can and should ensure that these trends can unfold their full potential towards reaching the climate goals. This was discussed for the four trends: prosumaging, circular economy, digitalization and sharing economy.
Each of these discussions was held in a separate breakout room and led by sectoral modelling experts. The stakeholders participating in the meeting were decision-makers and policy designers on local, regional and international levels, business representatives as well as scientific community representatives. We take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders participating in our first workshop for their time and involvement.

Workshop’s schedule: