TU Wien

The Energy Economics Group, EEG, (Austria) is within the Institute of Energy Systems and Electric Drives at Technische Universitaet Wien. The core areas of research in EEG are: dissemination and integration of strategies for renewable and state-of-the-art energy system; energy modelling, mapping and analysis of energy policy strategies; competition in energy markets (liberalization vs. regulation); global and local environmental aspects (life cycle analysis, cumulated energy demand, CO2-emissions), Sustainable energy systems and climate change; integration of RES-e into transmission grids; macroeconomic studies (employment, value added) of RES, e-mobility, energy storage, energy efficiency and smart grids.

EEG has managed and carried out numerous national as well as international research projects funded by the European Commission, national governments, public and private clients in several fields of research, with special focus on renewable and new energy systems. The expertise of the staff members of EEG ranges across all disciplines necessary to analyse the above-mentioned topics.

Role in the project:

TU Wien will lead the WP4 on prosumers and big data sources in energy demand models related to the built environment.

TU Wien will contribute to WP0 – one of WP leaders; WP3 – improving the demand-side modelling and WP7 – contribution in dissemination activities.