TEP Energy

TEP Energy GmbH (Switzerland) was founded in 2008 by researchers of the Centre for Energy Policy and Economics (CEPE) of ETH Zurich and of the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI) in Karlsruhe as an independent company based in Zurich, Switzerland. TEP is performing research and advises its clients on how to face the challenges arising from the mega trends climate change, energy scarcity and structural changes in the energy sector. To this end, TEP examines the implications of these mega trends in each particular case, identifies specific risks to be hedged and reveals opportunities and potential benefits to be tapped. The service proposition of TEP includes applied research, scientific and evidence based advising in terms of technology, economics and policy (TEP), quantitative modelling, and conceiving, evaluating and implementing policy instruments.

Role in the project:

TEP is responsible to advance the modelling of the new trends digitalisation and shared economy, with a focus on the tertiary sector and including cross-sectoral aspects arising from these two new trends. Moreover TEP covers circular economy aspects related to buildings and construction, e.g. material flows from construction and retrofits.