Jan 17

Modeling of prosumagers and energy communities in energy demand models

The trends of prosumaging households and energy communities demand the analysis of relevant business models and policy instruments, and motivate the newTRENDs project. In this report, partners introduce the modeling development in newTRENDs, which focuses on the operation of the individual households (consumers, prosumers and prosumagers) and the energy community. The framework calculates hourly resolution and provides the interfaces to integrate results from empirical studies based on smart meter data.

The focus of this report is on the modeling of residential buildings and introduces two new models, which were developed in the newTRENDs project: FLEX-Operation and FLEX-Community. They extend our previous modeling suite (INVERT/EE-Lab and FORECAST-Appliance) for the residential buildings to model the new societal trends, such as prosumaging and work-from-home.

FLEX-Operation calculates the energy consumption and system operation of an individual household or building, including the operation of energy technologies (e.g. battery, PV, heat pump) and load profiles in hourly resolution. Based on the results of FLEX-Operation, FLEX-Community calculates the operation of an energy community from the perspective of an aggregator, maximizing its profit by facilitating the P2P electricity trading within the community and optimizing the operation of a battery.

Full report available here

More information about the FLEX open-source modeling suite, freely available for the operation and energy consumption of households and energy communities. newTRENDs is now working on the third module of the suite: FLEX-Behaviour that will become available next spring 2023.