Jan 24

newTRENDs survey for stakeholders and project participants

Help us improve what we present to you by answering a few questions in the survey below. Following the work we have performed in WP2, we are currently conducting a survey to more quantitatively assess the connections between the different trend clusters. We invite you to participate in this expert survey.

The goal of the newTRENDs project is to enhance energy demand models to be able to analyze the impact of New Societal Trends on future energy demand. Therefore we identify relevant new societal trends and their potential relevance on future energy demand in the various sectors, enhance our models accordingly and develop long-term energy demand scenarios to quantitatively study their future development. New societal trends are understood as societal developments arising from general mega-trends, which can have potentially large (increasing or decreasing) impacts on energy consumption as well as cross-sectoral demand shifts. Examples of such trends could include digitalization, sharing economy, prosumaging and circular economy.

We conduct this survey to reveal the implicit interrelationships between new societal trends and their clusters, identified in the project. Based on your expertise we would like you to stepwise assess the interrelations between the trends and the clusters. Please note that to complete this survey, no in-depth expert knowledge of all the trends or clusters is necessary. Instead, we are interested in your personal judgement and assessment of these connections.

It will take you 15-25 minutes to complete the survey, depending on the number of clusters you choose to evaluate. We would be thankful if you participate in the survey by 11 Feb 2022 to provide your assessment on the connections between the trends and clusters.

Please find the link to the survey here:

In case you have questions about the content of the survey, please contact Ms. Nadezhda Mikova.